Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism

Winning submission for Newfoundland & Labrador tourism competition in conjunction with Target Marketing and Humber College.Target

GET: 35-55 year old Toronto couples

TO: Consider traveling to Newfoundland & Labrador

BY: Sending a GPS based Augmented Reality iceberg to Toronto harbour as an intro to “Iceberg Alleyway”, a showcase of Native and local artists using technology to add new visual interest to the work.

We offer an experiential version of what is waiting when they get “off-the beaten path”

We’re going to send some of the Rock to Ontario through a slow-moving viral stunt where a GPS based Augmented Reality Iceberg is “launched” from Newfoundland heading to Toronto Harbour. Regular social media updates with “sightings” all along the St.Lawrence River will whet the appetite.

When it reaches its final destination it will signify the opening of “Iceberg Alleyway” a group of murals depicting examples of East Coast art work brought to life during the day with the same Augmented Reality app used for selfies of the iceberg while Projected Light shows dazzle viewers at night.


Learn Their Stories Before You Stand In Their Shadows

Augmented Reality “Iceberg” is tracked during its 3000 Km, 1 month long trip to Toronto harbour.


More Animated Storytelling Than A Saturday Night Kitchen Party

Iceberg Alleyway, dressed up with art work from living Newfoundland & Labrador artists with added elements supplied using the same Augmented Reality app during the day and projected light mapping at night.


From These Deep Waters We Live Our Lives And Pull Our Stories

Augmented Reality App brings new life to the murals in Iceberg Alleyway


16,000 Years Old, 3,000 km Trip And Its Story Is Just The Tip

EXTRA: Paula the Puffin popping up around the city as OOH spokesperson

Paula the Puffin attached to AR markers on the ground around the GTA encouraging APP downloads

EXTRA 2: Like the province it comes from, Iceberg Alleyway can be located off the beaten path

Located inconveniently but makes for a worthwhile trip

Art Direction: Harmanjot Singh

Graphic Design: Jyn Reyes Osma and Madina Ameen