Cobbler’s Choice Shoe Horns

GET: Zillenials

TO: Use shoehorns

BY: Telling them that they will keep their shoes from “going bad”

Problem: Young people aren’t using shoehorns because they don’t see a benefit.

Solution: Social stigma. Muppet-like faces result in the crushed backs of various shoes because they didn’t use a shoehorn. Now that these characters have been brought to life due to abuse, they’ll have nothing good to say about the person who’s wearing them.

FACEBOOK: Using parallax animation to artificially speed up the movement of the feed, we make it appear that the user accidentally crushed the Cobbler’s Choice post. When they swipe down to figure out what happened they see the backs of the shoes in the ad were crushed, resulting in the creation of our characters, who have choice things to say about their owner.

Snapchat AR Lenses Experience: The shoehorn comes down and swipes over the viewer’s face resulting in the same treatment the shoes were subjected to. User temporarily appears as a curmudgeonly character with the Cobbler’s Choice logo parented to the head, moving in sync until the shoehorn is touched again, eliminating the “creases”.

Account Management: Janhavi Khakhar

Art Direction: Jatin Kharat