Food Desert PSA

GET Affluent locals

TO: Donate towards healthy food availability for all

BY: Visually depicting the challenge that good food has getting to under-served homes in neighbourhoods that qualify as “food deserts”

Sponsored by Fruit of the Loom, their iconic characters are entered into marathon races around the country where their costumes inevitably fall apart; representing of the bruising and damage done to healthy food when it has to travel further than it should.

QR codes are attached to their costumes so when people pose for pictures they would automatically get a drop-down message requesting a (CTA) donation to help organizations fighting the inequality that exists in all cities.

Marathon Take-Over
food Desert Marathon by Fruit of the Loom
Food Desert Marathon Print OOH
food Desert OOH PRINT
Food Desert
food Desert OOH PRINT

Art Director: Rhys Ker