LottoMax “Picture Yourself Rich”

GET: Zillenials

TO: Buy lottery tickets

BY: Offering them the opportunity to post pictures to social media like the rich do of lux locations and hip venues using vinyl wall wraps as backgrounds that can be expanded with an Augmented Reality app.

OOH: Interactive ads occur as soon as someone sits on the wrapped bench looking as if they were splayed out over an expensive vehicle’s hood: like the rich do, thanks to LottoMax.

Hood ornament of a person sitting on a bench
Hood ornament of a person sitting on a bench

HEADLINE: Do Rich Right

OOH: Duplicating the “causal fall from the car” meme made popular by the rich kids of Instagram, these backdrops let young adults pretend to have hit it big with LottoMax.

PRINT CAMPAIGN: Using the outline or profile of our target audience in classic selfie position, we encourage people to use the poster print ad as a backdrop and thanks to LottoMax, add the “rich-kid” with backdrop picture to their roll.

HEADLINE: Picture Yourself Rich

HEADLINE: Is Rich Right for You?